The former electrician for Pablo Picasso could face up to five years in prison.  Pierre Le Guennec and his wife were found guilty of stealing 271 works of art and keeping them in their garage.  The theft, valued between 68 and 90 million, came to light when the Le Guennecs brought the works of art to Paris where they hoped to get Picassos son Claudes stamp of approval in an effort to legitimize the booty.  The criminal duo claimed that Picassos wife gave the handyman the works shortly before... read more
Google and the Milwaukee Art Museum have teamed up to offer free art lessons.  They described it as 'not your art 101 class'  Whether you have been around art your entire life or never been to a museum before you can participate.  I for one will be joining the class and even though I've seen a lot of art and have a good understanding of art I know there is so much more I'll be able to gleaned from this course.  The Milwaukee Art Museum has a video trailer along with a sign up page at http://... read more
I found this article on Artnet News that I thought was interesting.  I'm always amazed at how brazen thieves can be but this is a reminder that crime never pays:) Officials announcing the forgery ring bust with the purported Goya at the center. Via: El Pais Police in Spain have uncovered a ring of art forgers specialized in the creation of counterfeit Old Masters, El Pais reports. Announcing the bust earlier this... read more
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